Our Winter stock has landed April 1, 2016 – Posted in: Blog

Banish those Winter Worries with Style

Autumn is here and before we know it the temperatures will be down to single figures, the daylight hours will be decreasing, mornings will be chillier and your little friend will feel the need for some cosy woollens.

Here at Lapdog Nation we’re well aware of how the colder weather affects us humans, so we can guess how much it affects our dogs.

From nose to tail

Just like people get chapped lips and hands thanks to cold air and dry winds, dogs’ noses become dry and can crack. Considering how sensitive your dog’s nose is, this is very painful. Thankfully, help and relief are at hand (or snout) with our new range of doggy balms from Loyal Canine Company! The soothing ointments – for noses, paws and all over – have all the right ingredients in to see your pooch smoothly through to spring.

The snood is back

Decried as one of the 1980s worst fashion mistakes, the snood has made a huge comeback among human-folk and now it’s made its way over to the canine quarter. We’re delighted to announce our two snoods – the Jolie chunky knitted number for the more full-bodied dogs among us, and a more delicate Ruby Rufus 100% cashmere version for the more sensitive souls. Dogs lose a lot of heat through their ears (as well as their paws), so if you only buy one winter accessory, make it a snood so you can wrap up the bits that need it most when the cold winds bite. We think snoods look particularly cool with hoodies, which is handy, because we’ve got a new batch just in. You know it makes sense.

Winter waterproofs

Even though it’s cooling down rapidly, there’s no excuse for staying indoors and becoming unfit over the winter months. As soon as the weather turns, we dig out our raincoats and hats, so why do we expect our dogs to get soaked through? Wet weather is especially difficult for hairier dogs as they can take a long time to dry out again, which can cause skin problems. Keep them dry in the first place with a Jolie raincoat in bright yellow, navy or moss green and they’ll be raring to go as soon as you pick up that lead!