Why Your Dog Needs its Own Bed February 15, 2016 – Posted in: Blog

Why Your Dog Needs its Own Bed

Lots of dog owners think that a mat on the floor is enough for a dog to sleep on at night or during the day. Other owners have their dog in bed with them every night. However, many human doctors and vets think these are bad ideas – sharing a bed with a dog can disrupt everyone’s sleep and cause overheating, while a simple mat may be uncomfortable and cold, especially for older dogs.

Happiness is a warm bedWhy Your Dog Needs its Own Bed 2

Having its own bed isn’t just a bonus for a dog, it’s a necessity for its emotional and physical wellbeing. After a long day, most dogs sink into their comfortable beds with the same relish that humans do. It’s a place of sanctuary and security, as well as warmth.

Winters can be cold and uncomfortable for dogs if they sleep on a floor, even if it’s on a mat. Humans like to be warm and padded, as well as secluded from the outside world, and dogs are no different. A warm, soft bed helps to prevent stiffness and joint pain. Additionally, jumping onto and off sofas and human beds doesn’t do hip joints any favours in the long run.


Dogs will shed a lot of fur and dander in their sleeping places so it’s a good idea to keep them quartered off from human beds. Dog beds should have removable covers so that they can be washed and replaced easily.

How to find the right bed for your dog

Ideally a dog bed should be snug and enclosed enough to provide a “hug” but still give the animal enough room to turn over, or wriggle a bit. The bed should be just a bit bigger than the area the sleeping, curled-up dog occupies, with high sides for extra privacy and warmth.