Welcome to Our New Web-Kennel November 30, 2015 – Posted in: Blog

Yes, it’s here at last! Our very own cyber-kennel is open and ready to welcome all you dog fans, as well as dogs of all shapes and sizes (and maybe even the occasional cat if it behaves itself…) and anyone else interested in these most loyal of companions.

At LapDog Nation, we’re committed to taking the special relationship between human and dog to the next level. We believe that as dogs share our homes and our lives, they should share our passion for fashion and pampering. No more slouching around in a chewed-up old collar or a ratty old coat, LapDog Nation dogs lead in style.

Your new look

When you first step inside you’ll notice all the amazing clothing and accessories that we can offer you and your pooch, but we’re so much more than a couture site. We’re here to offer advice to dog owners, however much (or little) experience they may have. You can drop in any time you want to ask us a question about your breed of dog, or about training and discipline, or (and we hope this is a rare occurrence) about any health concerns you may have about your dog.

Our new look

We teamed up with our friends at Viva Digital to create a whole new image for the site, to bring it right up to date, which is exactly how we like things. You’ll find the new site to be streamlined and easy to access from a smartphone or tablet. This means that even when you’re out walking your best friend you’ll be able to log in and ask other dog owners and experts for advice, or order a new sweater because you can see autumn approaching.

There’s an Aussie and a New Zealand page, so you can get as local as you like.

LapDog Nation isn’t just about the internet, though – you can use it to find new dog-walking friends and meet up with them. The site is connected to our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Websta and Google+ pages, so there’s no excuse not to share, care and spread the word.