Top Ways to Make Your Lap Dog a Part of Your Wedding February 2, 2017 – Posted in: Blog

Your pooch is an integral member of your family. Personality plus – especially when wearing their sweet knit hoodie – and they’ve been there for you through thick and thin. How could you not include them in your wedding day?

At the forefront of couture for dogs in Australia, we know what fashion-forward canines need to keep it cool. So if you’re planning a wedding and need to formulate a plan for including your favourite furry friend, here are a few tips and ideas about what you can do.

Make Sure Your Pet Feels Comfortable and Confident
There will likely be a lot of people sipping champagne and getting their groove on at your wedding. This type of environment can be a bit overwhelming for a dog, especially if yours has anxious tendencies. Depending on how comfortable they are when dressed up, you may want to keep it simple with a matching lead and collar and keep the doggie clothing either light or leave it out altogether until it’s time for the wedding photos. Bringing your dog’s favourite toy means they will have something to play with while you are having a good time with your guests.

Let Your Pet Play a Part
If your dog is well-behaved and loves attention, then you can dress your pup up in their best and have them play the part of the ring bearer or flower girl. Trust us, nothing is more precious than seeing a stylish Maltese prance down the aisle with a small basket of flower petals attached to their collar. Just a word of caution, for your furry ring bearer, you may want to make sure you attach the rings securely to their collar and have someone keep an eye on your dog and rings at all times.

Go All Out with the Photos
No matter what your dog’s temperament is, they are sure to make a splash at your wedding shoot! A welcome addition to your wedding photos, dress them to the nines and capture that sweet look you know and love so well. Not only will your friend and family ooh and ah over the cute-factor, but you will have a priceless memento from your big day and the four-legged family member who helped make your day so special.

For more fantastic ideas on including your pet in your wedding, make sure to check out our feature in Bupa Pet Insurance: ‘How to Involve Cats and Dogs in Weddings‘.

And above all – have a beautiful wedding!