The Odin is Here to Defeat Boredom February 1, 2016 – Posted in: Blog

The Odin is Here to Defeat Boredom

LapDog Nation is delighted to announce that from February it will be offering customers the amazing Odin puzzle from Seattle-based Up Dog Toy. The Odin, named after the Pembroke Welsh corgi who inspired it, is the next level of reward toy for dogs.Odin 2

Puzzle toys have been around for a while, but they tend to be not so challenging or interesting after a while. When company founder Michelle Moy brought Odin the corgi into her life, she realised that they toys she had for him weren’t keeping him occupied enough and set about designing a new one, hence the Odin was born in 2014.

The Odin doesn’t look like most dog toys as it is strikingly geometrical and features holes of different shapes and sizes to hide treats in – and then winkle them out of! The toy is made from tough, chewable plastic and is big enough to prevent larger breeds from choking on it but light enough for smaller dogs to handle. Its Odin 3dimensions are 3.6”x3.3”x3.8” – slightly larger than a tennis ball – and one Odin can hold up to 225 grams of food.

Unique features

The nest thing about the Odin is the fact that the user can connect two or more modules together to make an even more challenging puzzle for their pet. Some dogs prefer the log shape that’s created by joining a few
modules together, as it presents more of a challenge. Some dogs prefer to stick with just one module, so it’s fun to find out.

Odin 4How to use the Odin

Owners should start off with smaller pieces of food inside the Odin, to show the dog how to work with it, before graduating to larger, more challenging shapes and sizes of treat that will really test the dog’s patience and skills.