Ten Tips for Looking After Your Canine Friend this Winter May 27, 2016 – Posted in: Blog

Autumn is nearly over and winter will soon be upon us! If you’re feeling the chill already, you can bet your dog is too, so here’s a few ideas to help him get through the season with a nice warm glow.

  • If you’re an outdoorsy type, then start off on the right foot with a cold-loving dog like a chow-chow or a husky;
  • Stay indoors more. You won’t always feel like venturing out when the temperature drops, so invest in a few stimulating toys to while away the winter hours;
  • Wrap him up – there’s a huge selection of hoodies and sweaters for days when you need a brisk walk. Dogs lose a lot of heat through their ears, so snoods are a must;
  • Dogs lose heat through their paws as well, so if you’ll be walking on cold pavements and through fallen leaves, boots are ideal;
  • Don’t forget wind chill. The thermometer says 10C, but with a stiff wind it feels like 5C and if your dog has a short coat, or is elderly, it’ll be cold without a coat;
  • If your dog lives outdoors, or spends a lot of time there, make sure he has a decent kennel. He’ll need a sloped roof, good insulation and maybe a heater. Angle the door away from the prevailing wind;
  • Inside or outside, your dog’s bed should be at least three inches above the floor to get away from draughts. A pallet with a basket on top would work well;
  • Give him a few more calories. Staying warm takes a lot of energy, so an extra spoonful of food or some extra treats will help;
  • A hot water or a snuggle disk is brilliant, especially if your house is draughty or your dog lives outside. Snuggle disks are heated in a microwave and emit a gentle heat for hours;
  • Have a cuddle and keep each other warm. Physical affection goes a long way in the winter, so don’t be shy!