Product Launch – Growlees December 1, 2016 – Posted in: Blog

Finally, your dog can actually speak their mind! Growlees collar charms come in 30 playful statements so you can match them to your pooches unique personality and mood so they can share it with the world!

The designer behind the tongue and cheek collection is London-based, Aussie-born blogger, Caroline Denyer (aka Growlmama). She wanted to help her dog muse Frida and friends to express their unique and special personalities in style.

The charms come in 4 colours and really capture some hilarious truths from the dog world including; codependent, lover not a biter, tail chaser and nama stay.

Oh and for the dogs that are people, try; free hugs, lets run away together, I don’t walk, I vogue and so fetch.

You name it, they’ve thought of it – there’s a charm, or 2, for every pooch and their mood!


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