Great In-tent-ions! July 1, 2016 – Posted in: Blog

Remember when you were little and you made yourself a den under the kitchen table with some bedsheets?

Maybe you were lucky enough to have a little teepee or another sort of indoor tent that allowed you to escape from the hustle and bustle of a busy house to read a book or look at your pebble collection in peace. Ah, the luxuries of a simple life, eh?

Well, now you can offer these advantages to your dog thanks to Pipolli, the Florida design house that lives (and loves) to create unique and innovative ranges of dog apparel and accessories.

Inspired by the clean, minimalist lines of Scandinavian design and in genuine Pipolli style, these teepees feature striking black and white designs. There’s a polka dot version, a striped version and even, in a nod to the Wild, Wild West, a cactus dog teepee.

These tents, which measure 31” (H) by 32” (W) by 30” (D), are made from 100% cotton canvas and solid wood (for the poles). There’s a cushion to fit inside the teepee for extra comfort and the cushion cover can be washed on a gentle cool cycle. The tent itself is spot-clean or dry-clean only and while the teepee is primarily for indoor use, it can be used outside on dry days, as long as the ground is clean and dry.

If your pooch likes to get away from it all – maybe you have a younger puppy in the house, or young children – then a dog teepee is the ideal retreat. Going under canvas tells the rest of the family that Fido needs a bit of me-time. Another good idea is to provide your dog with a couple of cuddlies and maybe a blanket to really make the tent a plush place to hang out in when it’s downtime.