Must-haves for Well-dressed Dogs this Winter July 1, 2016 – Posted in: Blog

FullSizeRenderMust-haves for Well-dressed Dogs this Winter

Winter is definitely here and some of us want to curl up with a hot chocolate to wait for spring. Others, however, want to be out and about no matter what the mercury says. There’s no such thing as bad weather to these guys, just the wrong clothes, which is why when the going gets cold, the smart dogs head to LapDog Nation for the perfect winter wardrobe.

First things first

If you only buy one winter item for your dog, it should be a warm sweater. LapDog Nation has quite a few to offer, from the soft Incan sheep wool of CasaLuna to the understated and urbane chunky knits of La Maison d’Arabella. A comfy go-to jumper is the basis of any canine wardrobe, but of course you needn’t stop there.

Here comes the rain

It’s grey, it’s dark and there’s a real chill in the damp air so what could be better than a bright and cheery raincoat? Jolie Dog has a range of brightly-coloured, insulated and waterproof raincoats. You can choose from bright yellow, moss green and navy blue to warm up your walkies.

The snood has landed

Not all dogs like wearing full-on sweaters or coats, but they still feel the chill and so the Ruby Rufus snood is the answer. It’s a versatile item, as you can stretch and rearrange it throughout the day to suit your friend’s tastes while maintaining a great look.

Tanks for the memories

You don’t want your dog to get cold while at home, so for indoors there’s a bewildering array of soft cotton tank tops and hoodies to add another layer. Look at Max Bone’s selection to choose the perfect look.

Smooth operator

Not immediately obvious to passers-by but an essential for all dogs who want to look unruffled by the elements – the Loyal Canine Company’s selection of nose, paw and first aid balms helps to prevent and heal any chapping caused by cold winds and pavements. It’s a must for your doggy bag!