Make the Maximum Impact with Gifts from Max-Bone January 2, 2016 – Posted in: Blog

The best thing about modern-day dog fashion is that when you want to treat your beloved canine chum – or indeed, to treat someone else’s beloved friend, you’re spoiled for choice. It’s not about the squeaky toys and novelty chews any more, it’s all about gorgeous knitted jumpers, funky bow-ties, soft, welcoming blankets and designer playthings.

Back to basics first, with some amazing collars and leads from Max-Bone. Made from soft leather, suede and webbing in a variety of gorgeous shades, these doggy essentials are real objects of desire. If you buy nothing else for your companion in 2016, you must update your collar and lead so you can both walk out in style.

Once you’ve got the foundations sorted, you can work on the rest. No fashion-conscious dog should be without a hoodie or two, so it’s a good job Max-Bone has quite a few. There are soft, stretchy hoodies made from lightweight, ultra-comfortable fabrics, as well as chunky-knit ones for colder days. Girls and boys get an equal say, with dark greens and navy hues for the lads and soft pinks or bold polka prints for the ladies. Accessorise further with a bandana or bow-tie for a unique look.

Once you’ve got the wardrobe fitted out, it’s time to look to the bedroom and playroom. Max-Bone has a range of beautiful cotton-knit blankets, for cuddles and snoozes, as well as for laying on furniture to protect it from fur. When it comes to playtime, Max-Bone has everything, from sturdy rope-toys to softer cuddlies with a dog-centred theme. The company even has tidying up after your dog wrapped up, with gorgeous felt toy boxes that look great as well as serving a valuable purpose.

There’s so much to choose from with Max-Bone that you might prefer to use a gift card for the dog-lover in your life. Max-Bone offers gift cards ranging in value from US$25 to US$200, so you can leave the decision-making to those who know best!