Life’s a Beach November 15, 2016 – Posted in: Blog

Who doesn’t love the beach? Especially here in Oz, where our beaches are the envy of the world and the fun in the sun never stops. If your family includes a dog, then there’s nothing better than grabbing a rope toy or ball and heading off to the coast for some sandy antics, right?

Well, yes, mostly. However, you can’t take it for granted that your dog is having as much fun as you, as there are a few downsides to hitting the beach when you can’t talk, don’t have opposable thumbs and you can’t shuck off that fur coat…

Before you pack the car for another coastal excursion, run down this checklist of tips to help your pooch get the most out of a day at the seaside.

Teach your dog to swim

Not all dogs are natural swimmers, but if you can get yours to be water-confident, then you’re onto a winner. If you can’t, don’t despair, just make sure he stays in safe rockpools or shallows.

Make sure there’s fresh water and shade

Bring a ready supply of fresh water (remember, the sea is salty…) and bring some shade – a canopy, a parasol or tent – so that your dog can take a break to calm down and cool off in between beating you at Frisbee.

Avoid choppy or busy waters

Stay clear of beaches with loads of jetskiers and so on, as well as ones with notoriously choppy waves, as this can scare a dog and put it off beach life.

Slap on the sunscreen

It’s not just for people! There are lots of specially-formulated sunscreens for dogs, and they should be applied to nose, ears and any areas with short or sparse fur.

Rinse off before you go

If the sea is particularly salty where you go, then make sure you rinse it all off before heading home, as otherwise your dog’s skin may become chafed and sore as it dries.

Pick up the poop

‘Nuff said.