LapDog Nation Joins Forces with La Maison d’Arabella June 23, 2016 – Posted in: Blog

La MaisonLapDog Nation Joins Forces with La Maison d’Arabella

LapDog Nation has found another friend! This time it’s UK designer La Maison d’Arabella and its amazing clothes and accessories are now ready for you and your dog to enjoy.

La Maison d’Arabella started out when Melissa and her family welcomed their new Karashishi shih tzu dog, Arabella, into their lives. Being avid dog lovers as they were, they wanted to give their new friend the best that fashion had to offer. However, they found that in the UK there was a choice between cheap and cheerful and expensive but luxurious, and precious little in between.

Mind the gap

Melissa’s years of working for a worldwide luxury fashion brand meant that she was able to put that experience into practice to fill the gap in well-made, well-designed and luxury couture for dogs. This knowledge, combined with the upswing in the market for dog clothes, led to the brand taking off at home in the UK and overseas.

The range

La Maison d’Arabella has the perfect range of clothes for autumn and winter, with a selection of chunky-knit jumpers in many bold colours. Particular favourites among clients are the bobble sweaters which feature bone-shaped buttons along the sides. There’s also the frilly sleeved sweaters for especially pampered pooches.

When it comes to showing off their style, friends of Arabella will also be able to rock one of eye-catching and quirky lead and collar combos. The sets are made from soft, hand-crafted leather and come in pink, blue or multi-colour, with either rhinestone details or perky-looking ears on the collars. You can be sure they’ll prove to be a talking-point on the morning constitutional.

When it’s time to chill at home, well-loved dogs can relax in one of several comfortable teepees, which come complete with cushions. There’s also La Maison d’Arabella’s signature 100% cotton blankets, festooned with rabbits or crosses for soft and stylish snuggling at the end of an active day.