Introducing Loyal Canine Co. March 16, 2016 – Posted in: Blog

Love the Skin You’re in with Loyal Canine Company’s Smooth Treats

We’re all about to feel the season changing, with chillier weather on the way. Humans will be reaching for their jumpers and hand creams, and looking out for a good winter moisturiser. But what about our companions? What about their noses, paws and even their ears?

Canadian dog lover Allan Glanfield founded the Loyal Canine Company to provide dogs with the same sort of unguents (what a great word) that humans use to make their skin more comfortable throughout the year. He took his inspiration from male grooming to create a simple, understated but effective range of products that will keep skin soft and smooth no matter what the weather.

All-natural ingredients

The range of products – Black Lightning Nose Balm, First Aid Ointment and No. 1 Pawmade – contains natural base ingredients as well as essential oils selected for their healing and soothing properties. There’s Roman chamomile to relieve dry, itchy skin; cedarwood for its antiseptic, soothing and flea-repellent properties, along with lavender to calm and promote healing. Backing these well-known oils up is helichrysum, a European herb which is anti-inflammatory and regenerative, myrrh which is fungicidal and good for bruises and calendula, which works wonders on chapped and sore skin. The range also features sea buckthorn oil, which is an amazing moisturiser and even acts as a sunblock.

Your dog would buy these balms if he could

They don’t like to complain, but those cracked noses and paws are uncomfortable. Many people use petroleum-based ointments on chapped skin, which actually makes things worse. Your dog deserves to use moisturisers just like you do – in fact you could use these ointments yourself!

We often overlook chapped noses, but they are even more distressing for a dog than dry, chapped lips are for humans. Using Black Lightning will soothe the dry skin and after a couple of days you’ll notice how quickly the cracks are healing and you’ll see how much happier your dog is.

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