Feed Your Heart and Soul with Max Bone January 7, 2016 – Posted in: Blog

Long gone are the days when dog clothes meant putting a Scottish terrier into a tartan coat, or draping a dull khaki number over a shivering greyhound.

These days, dog fashion is as high as people fashion. Clothes for dogs are no longer eye-wateringly twee or merely functional, they’re designed with real emotion in mind. There’s a whole new slew of designers out there who see our canine companions as deserving of great couture and accessories as humans are.

Max-Bone is a Los Angeles-based design company led by Parisa Fowles-Pazdro and her husband Max. The couple also runs MAXFOWLES womenswear and has a background in interior design.

This background means that Max-Bone aims to create clothing and accessory ranges that are classic, timeless, well thought-out and elegant. Parisa believes that the relationship between a dog and its owner should be seamless. Dogs benefit from having their own belongings, but this doesn’t mean that the human members of the family have to put up with grubby, ratty, utilitarian-looking toys and clothes. Canine accoutrements and clothes can be beautiful and inspiring, innovative and luxurious, bringing happiness to everyone. From silk bow-ties to felt toy-boxes, Max-Bone products don’t just fit in, they enhance homes and lives.

Max-Bone likes to stay fresh and up-to-date, too, with new collections coming out with each season. The collections are designed and handmade primarily in California and the company uses only the best quality materials to produce each range.

As committed dog-lovers, Max and Parisa use their business acumen and kind hearts to help dog charities. Max-Bone makes regular donations to shelters like Southern California Bulldog Rescue, No-Kill Los Angeles (NKLA) and East Valley Shelter in LA.

It’s for reasons like these that LapDog Nation is delighted to be able to bring Max-Bone to Australia from January. It gives us a nice warm glow to know that everyone who buys a blanket, or a jumper, is helping a homeless dog over in LA.