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A Little About Nooshel

NOOSHEL pronounced NOOSH (rhymes with push) EL (el) was born out of a pure love for dogs. Big and small, pupper and doggo, fluffy, cheeky, grumpy…all of them. And how their companionship and unconditional love truly benefits and changes our lives.

NOOSHEL was created for the pet parents of today. Those of us who love our dogs like kids and want to share every moment with them. We’re always on the hunt for the best dog friendly spots. If we can’t bring our dog, then we’re not going! Our lifestyle products are aimed to compliment the times we spend together and the memories we make.

We believe every dog’s life matters. Proceeds from all of our products are donated to charities who share this vision.

About their Products..

The Dog Diary

Staying organised doesn’t have to be ruff. This classic, sophisticated diary has been designed for modern pet parents who have a crazy love for dogs (and style). Pawesome dog quotes throughout highlight how precious our furbabies are to us…not that we really needed reminding!

This Diary is printed on FSC certified paper and all of Nooshel’s packaging is made from recycled materials.


The Dog Diary

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