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Huts & Bay, from South Korea.

“Huts & Bay share the story of living together with companion animals and accommodates this in designing our products”

Their fun range of printed jumpers, tees and hoodies are created with the hightest quality materials that look and feel devine.

Check out the Huts & Bay Pet Diamonds, which will certianly inject colour into your living room. These were recently featured in Elle Magazine (March 2017)

Huts&Bay, campanion living at its finest, and most fun!




Average weight: 1 ~ 2kg SMALL

Neck circumference: 21cm Bust circumference: 29cm Arm length: 7cm Back length: 26cm

Average weight: 2 ~ 3.5kg MEDIUM

Neck circumference: 24cm Bust circumference: 34cm Arm length: 9cm Back length: 30cm

Average weight: 4 ~ 5.5kg LARGE

Neck circumference: 27cm Bust circumference: 39cm Arm length: 11cm Back length: 33cm

Average weight: 5.5 ~ 8kg X LARGE

Neckline: 30cm Bust: 45.5cm Arm length: 12cm Back length: 38cm

Average weight: 8.5 ~ 12kg 2X LARGE

Neckline: 32cm Bust: 52cm Arm length: 14cm Back length: 43cm

Tees & Hoodies:

S: neck circumference: 24cm / bust: 36cm / arm length: 5.5cm / back length: 23cm
M: neck circumference: 27cm / bust: 41cm / arm length: 7.5cm / back length: 27cm
L: neck circumference: 30cm / bust: 46cm / arm length: 8.5cm / back length: 31.5cm
XL: neck circumference: 35cm / bust 51cm / arm length: 9.5cm / back length: 36.5cm
2XL: neck circumference: 37cm / bust: 56cm / arm length: 10.5cm / back length: 39.5cm

Pet Diamond:

Shipped as a flatpack, assembly required. Measures 43 x 41 x 60 cm. Wipe clean with damp cloth.

Washing Instructions for clothing

-We recommend hand washing as much as possible

-Use a neutral detergent with a water temperature of 30 ° degrees Celsius

-Suitable for machine washing, please use a washing bag.

-Dry in the shade