Casa Luna at Lapdog Nation April 20, 2016 – Posted in: Blog

Monica and Isabel Aramburo Tenorio

Lapdog Nation is well-known for its endless quest to source the best dog couture from around the world, having already scoured Europe and North America to bring back some incredible products from innovative designers.

Treasure from the Andes

We feel we’ve out-done ourselves here, though, as we’ve hit upon an absolute gem hidden away in a small town in Colombia. Sisters Monica and Isabel Tenorio travelled for more than two decades away from their home country of Colombia before returning to their small home town – Villa de Leyva – nestled in the Andes Mountains.

The town is renowned for its many artisans, who work hard to produce stunning works of art, clothing and household utensils using local know-how and materials. The sisters decided to join the throng and began to make unique and gorgeous dog sweaters from the wool of the local sheep.

Spinning a great yarn

The sheep that live in the Andes produce particularly soft wool, with fine fibres that help to insulate the animals against the intense cold in the mountains. It’s this wool that is gathered, spun and hand made into jumpers that are as lovely to feel as they are to look at.

The wool used to make all their sweaters is 100% natural wool, which gives the wool a feeling, colour and thickness which are exceptional. And because the sheep lead semi-wild lifestyles, it’s also environmentally – friendly, as the sheep aren’t harmed during shearing.

Isabel and Monica are also very keen on creating unusual – but gorgeous – colour combinations from local dyes. Many of the sweaters are bi or tri-coloured and the hues achieved are very different from the norm – intense pastel (if you can imagine such a thing!) pinks and blues combined with strong yellows, or blacks and greens. Finish off with a cute pom-pom on the hood and you’ve got the very essence of the Andes!

Lapdog Nation will be featuring the stunning and high quality clothes of Casa Luna from April onwards and sweaters, all priced at $64.95.