The Benefits of Dog Clothing February 23, 2016 – Posted in: Blog

The Benefits of Dog Clothing

Dog clothes have been around for thousands of years. From leather armour for military dogs to spangled collars for the more cossetted of companions, man’s best friend has often joined him in the fashion parade.

The advantages of armour to military dogs are obvious, as are the benefits of the heatproof boots we see on fire service dogs nowadays. These clothes are a far cry from the bow ties and puffa jackets seen on many a pet, but there is also a middle ground where clothes are good-looking and functional. So what benefits do dogs get from clothes, exactly?Benefits of dog clothing 2

Extra insulation during cold walks

Not all dogs have thick coats that keep them warm if they spend a lot of time outdoors. Even if they do have thick fur, many dogs spend most of their time indoors – humans don extra layers for a jaunt, after all. This is why a rainy, snowy or windy walk might be improved by a waterproof or fleecy coat, especially if the dog is elderly or recovering from illness.

Waterproof clothes for a dog can improve its quality of life no end – no-one likes to be damp and cold while getting exercise!

Head-to-toe protection

We often think that dogs’ feet are tougher than they are, and while they can handle the cold better than ours, hot or rough pavements can be painful to walk on, which is where boots come in.

Barely-there clothing, like shirts or hoodies made from soft, thin jersey cotton, can help dogs with allergies, by protecting the skin from scratching or chewing, and also by forming a barrier between the skin and the allergens. This also works for humans who are allergic to dog dander, as the particles and fur are trapped by the clothing rather than shed all over the house.

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